As spring starts to take hold on the farm we are finishing off winter projects and beginning to start on the summer work around the farm. Over the winter we have revamped the board walk but the bridges on the river walk still needed to be looked at.

 Luckily we had some help from a few Princes Trust trainees who were with us for a two week placement. This was on a countryside skills ‘Get into’ programme and we were joined by  James, Jess and Aaron. With their help we managed to finish all the river walk improvements, which included four bridges and a gate.


Jess stapling the chicken wire down on the bridge to allow all weather use


Tom, Aaron and James constructing a new ramp from the bridge


James, Tom and Aaron making sure the gate will hang correctly

We also managed to fit in a bit of woodland management with poles for den building being the end product (which hopefully will be used in the weeks to come – if it doesn’t pour with rain!). During the two week placement with us James, Jess and Aaron were also able to see how the farm is run and one of our sows gave birth to 9 piglets (who are all doing well).


The sow and her 9 piglets taking a well deserved rest


In addition to all the construction going on around the farm there was also time for planting potatoes and sowing seeds in the traditional manner with help from Trojan with the harrowing.


           It has been very busy on the farm with numerous arrivals to the site. The sheep all did very well with deliveries being seen by many of the visitors to the farm and our Nanny Goat ‘Connie’ gave birth to twins.



Connie with Cyril (white) and Chloe (red tinge)

 The two siblings have been named ‘Chloe’ and ‘Cyril’ and are both enjoying life on the farm. Many chicks have also joined us and are making the most of the new chicken run with the resident chickens and cockerel.


The summer work Tom and I will be starting soon are projects such as stock proofing and fencing as well beginning some woodland managment plans.

Hannah Southon, Heritage Landscape Management Trainee


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