My first few weeks at Gressenhall

     My first few weeks at Gressenhall as the new public events trainee have been extremely interesting, even all the meetings (which were very handy for finding out who people are and what they do.) For the first couple of weeks I have been trying to get to grips with the site and all that happens on it. Hannah gave me a very helpful guided tour and again more introductions to various staff. I was surprised with the amount of people that worked on site, and am still seeing new faces four weeks in. I then got to work looking at all the events we have coming up and learning about what was needed for them, which in my second week included sourcing a tartan picnic groundsheet and a pool for Alice’s tears (Alice in Wonderland themed week in the summer holidays).


   I have also been observing some of the formal and informal teaching that the learning team do, which included a lovely tractor ride round the farm with some year 7’s doing the home or habitat activity and watching the teddy bears picnic in the centenary wood with muddy museum café which was excellent and the children seemed to really enjoy it. Also I found it very useful seeing how all these spaces can be used for different activities therefore being able to incorporate all areas of the grounds in the event days. I am really looking forward to helping organise the upcoming events. Including the Radio 4 Gardener’s question time on Monday 24th and the Garden Show which seems to coming upon us at lighting speed!

  I can’t wait to get started on planning the events for later in the year, which includes Village at War and Ghostly Gressenhall, it looks as if they are going to be fantastic! I’m really enjoying my experience so far and am excited for the rest of my year here!


Miriam Burroughs

Public Events Trainee


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