Hello from Harriet!

So week 13, seems a bit late to be just introducing myself but better late then never, eh? I’m Harriet and I am the 3rd and final part of the Rural Collections Management Trainee Team along with Etta and Poppy who have already done a blog or two.  I won’t go right back to my beginnings at Gressenhall, we would be time travelling back to when I was tiny girl. As a local gal Gressenhall was an almost weekly feature of growing up and now I’m working here – who’d have thought it?!

Instead I’m going to be talking about our recent visit to the Costume and Textile Collection in Norwich. What girl doesn’t like a bit of sparkle and what better way to indulge that love than in the form of pretty ball gowns dainty shoes and the odd nun’s habit. With this in mind our visit to the Costume and Textiles Collection was like letting a mouse loose in a fromagerie. When we arrived we were taken to the library where we were greeted by one of the many volunteers re-packing some beautiful mid 19th century ladies caps. I pulled my jaw off the floor and moved on to be greeted by an astronomical collection of books on every subject from A-line dress patterns to zig-zag knitting patterns. By lunch time I felt all costumed out, and as I sat eating my generic fast food chain lunch it struck me again how cool my job really is- because having a passion is great but being able to do it as a job is something else. I think that is what I love and value the most about this traineeship. Hopefully after this year I will be able to work in jobs that I am passionate about and love for the rest of my working life because they encompass my passion too.


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