How do I even begin?

This is one of the most common questions nearly everyone has asked when starting any text writing at some point in our lives.

As a collections trainee I ask myself this a lot whether I am writing panel text or even this blog.  How do I inform yet excite?  How do I educate without making people fall asleep?

Recently, my fellow trainees and I got the exciting opportunity to go on a text writing workshop at the Garden Museum in London.  An inspiring location for a day of creativity, the wild flowers hanging from the ceiling was certainly a show piece and well worth a visit.  Here we were able to understand one of the best activities to do before you start any text writing, a wordy warm up.

Wordy warm up’s can help you when you get to those tricky moments where you are unsure how to write about something or even lose your motivation.

The concept is simple, write the subject or topic down and begin to write as many words, phrases, or anything which may jump into your mind that links to your subject.  When you really got the brain ticking you can think of many things to do with your subject.

An example of the wordy warm up at the Garden Museum

An example of the wordy warm up at the Garden Museum

Have a go next time you are writing text, try something different in your text, and hook the reader in with your imagination.  Interestingly after the workshop, I begin to realise that writing doesn’t have to be a struggle; it can actually be creative and allow you to play with your words.

For this blog I decided to create a wordy warm up all about Gressenhall with some input from the collections team.  It’s a brilliant idea and sometimes it makes you realise things about a topic or subject you didn’t necessarily think of before.

What would you add to Gressenhall's wordy warm up?

What would you add to Gressenhall’s wordy warm up?

I hope this blog hasn’t sent you to sleep and has been an inspiration for your text writing.

Poppy, Collections Management Trainee




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