Engineering an Opportunity

My name is Robert and I am the Heritage Engineering Trainee. At the beginning of my traineeship I was long term unemployed since college, and I was in the same position as many young people and wondering what I wanted to do as a career. When I found out about this traineeship I jumped at the chance. When I got down to the final seven I was absolutely psyched as not only was I in the running for the job but a childhood dream of working with trains. So far in my traineeship I’ve worked on live steam locomotives, static steam pumps/boilers, pumping/line shafting equipment as well as metal working and use of cutting gear and hand tools.

robert blog 2

Admiring an engine on a site visit

I knew I was quite good before but I realised I was limited and the skills I’m acquiring and making something like repairing my mother’s electric lawnmower or 1000w drill no longer seem beyond me. So thanks to the Skills for the Future programme, not only am I training in my favourite field but I am also achieving more than I thought possible before.

Examining an engineering diagram

Examining an engineering diagram

I hope to one day have a full time job in engineering, which for me is something I really want to spend the rest of my life doing. This now is quite possible with the head start I’ve got with my traineeship.


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