Robert’s Halfway Blog

Welcome to my halfway blog, a slightly more interesting, updated blog for my traineeship. Being the heritage engineering trainee, I started out with comparatively little experience in the field. I can safely say that not only am I significantly more confident in my abilities but I feel I am more confident generally. I have in my time: ground, welded, made a handle for a broom, scraped gaskets and been soaked in 750 litre a minute water flows. As well as drilled holes for water-brackets, removed fire bars and swept out wheelbarrows of soot from smoke boxes and more. And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

Working on a boiler at North Norfolk Railway

Working on a boiler at North Norfolk Railway

Also in my time I’ve grown quite attached to many of the engines including “Black Prince” the B12, and the Almanco “hired man” at Gressenhall which is sadly poorly at the moment. Everything I’ve done and achieved has boosted my confidence and self esteem which in turn has improved my quality of life. I now regularly socialise and take an interest in my personal wellbeing, physically and mentally, which I did not do before and was quite reclusive. As an added bonus I’m enacting my hobbies as a career on top, which could not make me happier. Although I may be halfway through, I’m not sad at the thought of the end of my traineeship as, no matter what, I’ll know where I can continue to practice engineering in a voluntary or career setting and be in a better position now than I ever was before.

Rolling stock at North Norfolk Railway

Rolling stock at North Norfolk Railway

Robert Andrews
Heritage Engineering Trainee


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