Back to the ’50s

We know that our 1950s room is very popular with our visitors. Over the winter it has been given a makeover – but we hope that you’ll love it just as much or maybe even more!

The Fifties was a time of great change as Britain recovered from World War II. People wanted to enjoy a brighter, more comfortable lifestyle. More houses were built, rationing was lifted in 1954 and new technologies, like washing machines, were available. For the first time, lots of ordinary people were enjoying the benefits of electricity in their homes. We relied less on solid fuel for heating our homes and new cleaning products arrived in the shops: Tide, Surf and Daz were all launched in the 1950s. Household chores were much easier. People had more leisure time and enjoyed watching television, listening to records and reading magazines. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 was the first major event to be broadcasted on television and rock ‘n’ roll was the big hit in music.

Katie, Learning Officer and Lauren, Assistant Curator have given our much loved 1950s room a makeover. It’s a space where you can explore, play and sit. This room now also gets used with our school groups to explore life within living memory. New wallpaper, some different furniture and objects have really brighten the space.