What a difference a week makes…


Collections Gallery – Objects

We were handed back the Collections Gallery on Tuesday 2nd May and by Friday 5th there were objects on the tops of every case and objects inside the majority of cases. And they look fantastic. The new lighting is working well and we are really pleased that the objects finally look like we value them and the stories they tell. We got all of the cleaned objects out of the library and have managed to find others in the stores to move into the library ready for cleaning and putting straight into their cases. It has been a busy, and exciting, few days seeing things coming together.

Collections Gallery – Graphics

We have also been working on graphics – looking at the first draft and sending back revisions. There will be two phases of graphics – the first set are mostly going on the fronts of the cases as sticky vinyls stuck onto the back of the glass and include introductions to the themes we have used inside the cases and photographs from the collections. This also includes the large introductory graphic for the clock end of the gallery and graphics for the ends of the cases. The second set of images we hope to get made after May Half term will include any graphics inside the cases – mostly object labels and a few reproductions of paper objects from the collections to hang and place on the backs of the cases.

Rural Lives – interactive/reflection space

We have also installed the reflection space in the Rural Lives exhibition – complete with pegs and washing lines for visitors to write and peg up their feedback and thoughts. We hope this exhibition will be challenging and thought provoking for our visitors.


Many thanks to all of you for your help and support whilst the Collections Team are super busy moving objects around and finalising installation.


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