Collections Gallery is OPEN!

It has been wonderful to see visitors enjoying the new space and the Rural Lives temporary exhibition.

We have already had lots of interesting comments on our Rural Lives responses board, which is encouraging. Come and write a memory, thought or comment or even have your photo taken in front of our Selfie Corner.

This morning we have tried out the vinyl graphics on the glass in the Collections gallery – successfully installing the brick wall in front of our mummified cat. This “marmite” object – which people either love or hate, is now hidden behind the brick wall, just like the cat was originally bricked up in a Norfolk cottage wall. Visitors can choose to look through the cut out bricks to see the cat if they dare! Come and take a look.

Many more vinyl panels will be going up over the next few weeks to help explain the objects in the cases to our visitors. Last week we also installed our large case end graphics which showcase our photograph collection.

Lauren and I will continue to work on the gallery after half term – but sadly today is Josh’s last day. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for all his hard work and positive attitude over the last 2 years. His positive attitude has been a real benefit to the project – always smiling – always finding a way to make things work –  even getting multiple contractors to get along and get the job done last year in a very complex installation of the workhouse galleries. On his last morning we are still working him hard, adjusting the lighting in the gallery so visitors can see the exhibits and where they are going. We will all miss you Josh!


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