Slowly but surely…

Work has slowed down a little bit. Two reasons – we are now working with the gallery open and we are down to just two of us.

Nevertheless we have made really good progress this week. We are trying to balance our Collections Gallery work with our day jobs which means we are spending about half the week actually in the gallery.

This week we managed to make progress with the colours theme – which is now looking fuller and has a beautiful vinyl panel. A young visitor at the weekend enjoyed standing in front of the case and singing the rainbow song whilst pointing to all the colours in the case – so we know that this new type of theme is really working and helping our visitors to engage with the collections in new ways.

We also added vinyls to the models section which now works really well – telling the story of several of the models in the cases, including a Norfolk County Council library van which was given as a retirement gift to Wendy Ward who had driven a similar van in the 1950s.

We’ve also added the animals vinyl and we are working through the cases making lists of extra objects where needed and new mounts and conservation work required. it is slow work – but needed to make sure the cases and objects look as good as possible. We’ll get there in the end even if it feels pretty arduous in all this heat at the moment. In the meantime every time you go into the gallery you should see something new to explore.


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