Woss in my doctor’s bag….?!

Last week was a busy week in the Collections Gallery. We were working on large objects and plan chests.

We now have large objects installed on the  plinth at the temporary exhibition end of the gallery. This will enable us to plan what graphics will go behind these objects. We also moved plan chests around the gallery and the World War One one up from the farm. They are heavy and awkward. Many thanks to Barry, Dave Savage, Josh and Dave Harvey who all helped.

We have now re-installed the World War One case in the Collections Gallery and we have objects in the top of the unions case (this contains a range of items relating to George Edwards the famous Norfolk agricultural labourer – turned MP and trade unionist) and the health case (which includes a range of objects that were commonly found in a doctor’s bag – how many do you recognise in the picture – some of them might make you shudder!).

We are now moving on to updating their locations so in the future we (or someone else) can find all the objects in the cases. This had never been completed during the last re-display and took us over 3 years working with volunteers to audit the gallery before we de-installed. We are not making that mistake again!

We also measured and Dave made a large number of new wooden plinths for objects so they look their best in the cases. We hope to install these before the summer holidays. Next week we will be hanging objects and fixing them to the sides and backs of the cases.


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