Village At War

Work has been progressing nicely this week.

The grocer’s section in work is now looking lovely thanks to a large shelving unit built on site by Dave. This has enabled Lauren to install lots of small objects and make them look wonderful! There are also some price labels in here – prizes for any smarty pants who can tell us whether we have the prices correct or not!!

We have also managed to install the World War Two plan chest just in time for Village at War (including temporary object labels). This is based on the World War One case which has been moved back up from the farm. It contains different types of object on six different themes – Air Raids, Private Charlie Card, Women at War, Toys and Games, Dig for Victory and Prisoners of War. Charlie Card never came back from the front and the drawer dedicated to him contains his medals and certificates which his family kept in pristine condition before donating them to the museum in 2015. You might recognise the game in the Toys and Games drawer – this unusual air raiding board game has been used during Village at War before. It is very rare – even the Imperial War Museum don’t have one.

Updating on the computer continues – thanks to volunteers for identifying and correcting the mistakes I have made (you know who you are!) and to Lauren for updating 102 objects from the Freddie Beckerton travelling salesman collection in one afternoon.


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