Welcoming Lucy!

Another busy week.

We welcomed Lucy Burrows to the collections team on Monday. Lucy will be working on our textile collections with us. Firstly auditing, re-packing and improving our documentation. She will then be moving on to think about how we can use these items more effectively including in display and digital outputs. Lucy is a Ph.D. student in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia. As part of her course Lucy has to spend three months in a professional internship developing non-academic skills and experiencing life outside the lab. She has already got busy with the collections – photographing and working on documentation.

On Tuesday we attended the Bradenham Retirement Club (don’t worry we aren’t retiring quite yet!) to deliver an outreach talk on Voices from the Workhouse. It was very well received – with many people commenting on the real lives and stories that are told in the new displays. Everyone enjoyed exploring the replica Lorina sampler too. Even better they served cake after the event!

We’ve also been busy continuing to plan the object labels for the new Collections Gallery – 158 graphics so far (we are still counting!). Now we are nearing the end of the collections management marathon which has been recording all the locations (and correcting all the previous mistakes) we can start to think about writing the object labels. This means our visitors will be able to see (for the first time) what is in each case and understand some of the wonderful stories the objects can tell.

Like the story of Freddie Beckerton:

He was born in 1908 and while he was not totally blind, he was registered and had very poor sight. Mr Beckerton used to take items for sale, which included the most basic things like salt and pepper, in the suitcases when he sold items on-foot. He also sold items from a box on a tricycle marked ‘F Beckerton Grocer’. His suitcases and contents were donated to the museum in 2012.


We haven’t previously been able to tell his story so it will be lovely to put his collection out on display with a label so people can read all about his life.


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