Key milestone achieved!

Just a quick update to let you all know that we have reached a key milestone in the work in the Collections Gallery.

This week Lauren and I completed writing object labels for the 2000 objects inside the gallery. This represent an enormous achievement – meaning not only will we have labels for EVERY item in the gallery but also for the first time we will have accurate documentation and computer records for all of these objects.

In some cases this has meant cross checking with collections in Norwich, double checking with stored objects, trying hard to read numbers partially rubbed off, measuring items, creating sub number records and generally being really good detectives. The majority of objects have also been photographed – with the few remaining to be mopped up over the next few months.

Although this has meant progress has been slow – it has been worth doing properly. We have never had accurate records for the objects in this gallery. They weren’t completed last time it was installed making it impossible to answer any questions about the objects in the cases. Now we can be confident we know what is in each case, and we have recorded everything completely. We are really proud of ourselves and hope you will agree that it is only worth doing a job if you are going to do it properly!

The texts will now be proofread before going off to our designers for setting. They will be printed and installed in the new year.

We are now moving on to think about what items we will install on the mesh in the Collections Gallery in the new year. No rest for the wicked!

This week is also Lucy Burrow’s last week with us. Lucy has been working on our stored textile collection and has done amazing work photographing and documenting everything in Store 3 everything. She has been busy beavering away independently and we are really grateful for all her hard work and creativity thinking about how we can use the collection more in the museum. We wish her the best of luck as she returns to her research at UEA.


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