Last Orders!

The Beers and Brewing exhibition closes on Sunday 28th October. It’s been a great year exploring pubs and brewing in Norfolk both in the past and today. We hope that you’ve enjoyed visiting the exhibition and reading the blog.

2018 Gressenhall Passholder low (92 of 279)

We’ve loved seeing photos of your children propping up the bar!

For the last month the exhibition has been boosted by the Collaborate programme. Lots of local people have been inspired by the collections and themes of the exhibition. This has breathed new life into the exhibition and has been a really lovely way to round off the season.


All year we have been asking our visitors to think about pubs today. We’ve had lots of answers to the questions: Are you a regular at your local? How often do you go to the pub? Why are pubs closing down? Is it because of the smoking ban? Have we got less money to spend? Are we choosing to spend our free time differently? Is it because we can buy cheap booze at the supermarket?

Too long working hours, less chance. Knowing locals.

Where are all the folks who said ‘we don’t go in pubs because of the smell of smoke’ so they stopped the smell but nobody came in!’

As a former publican I reckon pubs are shutting down in rural areas mostly because of drink driving and secondly cheap supermarket booze.

My husband died of alcoholism in 2011. He was just 51. Alcohol is too easily available nowadays!

Costs of running a pub are too high.

Children weren’t allowed in pubs when I was young so we were sat outside with a bottle of pop!

Once a week on a Tuesday. Thank God for the smoking ban, means you can see the dart board.

If they don’t serve food most pubs will close.

A minimum price per unit in supermarkets would help.

I love a pub lunch.

I don’t go to a pub. I only go when it’s something special.

Watch this space for news of next year’s exhibition: Once Upon A Time!


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