Moving on

As my traineeship draws its final curtains, I’m left with the feeling of ‘what’s next, where do I go from here?’ A year ago I wouldn’t have had an answer I know that for certain. Over the last year I’ve grown up and matured as well as learned a craft, which has been hard work but rewarding to learn. IMG_0202

As I look through to the future, I know now that I can go forth with a sense of hope that I’m in a better position for my chosen field of work which I’ve decided is boilersmithing. One thing I’ve come to realise about life is you cannot sit around hoping things will get better. The power of a dream is an illusion till you take action upon opportunity. The true strength of a person is in his power to seek change by the effection of actions rather than just words.


Putting my skills into action, now I’ve finished at Gressenhall I will be moving on to become a Trainee Boilersmith and Fitter for North Norfolk Railways.


Robert Andrews

Heritage Engineering Trainee